Speech Therapy

imageThe TOTAL CARE PLUS Speech Therapists are a vital part of our rehabilitation team. Our Speech Therapy group consists of several highly skilled speech pathologists. TOTAL CARE PLUS Speech Therapists are specialists in the evaluation and treatment of communication and speech disorders. Their personalized treatments concentrate on improving each patient’s oral-motor skills necessary for safe swallowing, as well as helping to improve each patient’s communication skills.

Our TOTAL CARE PLUS Speech Pathologists help patients to improve their communication skills through Speech Therapy. Speech Therapy involves corrective treatment of physical and cognitive disorders that cause difficulty with communication and swallowing. Many of the cases that we treat include patients who have survived a stroke, patients with developmental disabilities, and those who have speech and / or hearing impediments. TOTAL CARE PLUS offers the services of licensed Speech Pathologists to conduct an initial assessment of the patient’s condition, develop a plan of therapy to meet their individual needs in coordination with the patient’s physician, and provide care with the goal of helping patients improve their level of functioning.
Personalized treatments are designed to improve the following:

  • Cognitive Skills
  • Speech Articulation
  • Communication Skills
  • Comprehension Skills
  • Sensory Skills
  • Voice Delay and other Disorders

If you or a loved one requires personalized treatment from one of our highly skilled TOTAL CARE PLUS Speech Therapists, please give us a call! EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE! CALL NOW 810-990-8950.