Alzheimer’s Care



There are many forms of Dementia, however the most recognizable form is Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s accounts for nearly one-half of all Dementia cases. Today, Dementia affects almost six million people in the United States and Canada, and that number is expected to nearly triple by the year 2050. Dementia begins to affect a person as they reach the age of 65 and older. It is characterized by memory loss and a decline in reasoning that interferes with a person’s daily life. Dementia gradually weakens a person’s thought processing ability, and eventually causes extreme changes in mood, behavior and memory. Fortunately though, Alzheimer’s and other related forms of Dementia are not a normal part of aging.

We at TOTAL CARE PLUS know that Alzheimer’s causes permanent changes to the brain that result in difficulties thinking, communicating, and taking care of one’s basic needs. Symptoms vary because the disease affects each person differently, but individuals with Alzheimer’s unavoidably spreads through increasingly incapacitating stages, requiring gradually more and more intense levels of care. Alzheimer’s will gradually reduce one’s ability to understand, reason, and communicate, as well as reduce one’s ability to recognize even family and friends. It can also change one’s behavior, emotions and moods. It will also have a damaging effect on one’s physical health.


Alzheimer’s Disease currently has no known cure, although there are specific methods of care that can help manage the symptoms of Dementia. For example, our TOTAL CARE PLUS knowledgeable caregivers can reduce fear and confusion in patients with Alzheimer’s by maintaining routines in their lives and making their daily tasks simpler.

Our experienced caregivers at TOTAL CARE PLUS are especially trained to care for patients with Alzheimer’s in a compassionate manner throughout all stages of the disease. Despite the fact that as the stages of Alzheimer’s progress, the patient affected will need increasing amounts of care. In the advanced stages, patients with Alzheimer’s often begin to wander, and they sometimes become aggressive and violent, often posing a threat to themselves as well as others. It is important to watch out for these unexpected outbursts as they will only become more frequent and dangerous. That is why our concerned caregivers always focus on protecting their privacy, self-esteem, and quality of life. TOTAL CARE PLUS caregivers provide the highest quality of care, changing the way people live with Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia by:

  • Supervising and simplifying all daily activities
  • Creating social interaction opportunities with others
  • Providing mind-stimulating actions
  • Supporting activities that promote independence
  • Maintaining safe environments
  • Preparing healthy and nutritious meals daily
  • Assisting with personal cleanliness and grooming
  • Supporting family members and friends (very important)

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