Fall Prevention


Falls are a leading cause of injury and death for older adults and seniors. Every year in the United States, thirty-three percent (33%) of older adults and seniors fall in their homes, and nearly two million of them go to the emergency room for the injuries sustained from those falls. The injuries resulting from a fall, or the fear resulting from the scare of falling again, can lead to limited mobility for many seniors as well as the loss of their independence at home. Falls have become a very serious risk for those people age 65 and older, making “home safety” a very important issue for those seniors. That is where the experienced caregivers from TOTAL CARE PLUS will help to protect yourself or a loved one from the risks of falling. We will help to restore your confidence, and we will give you back your independence. So that you or your loved one can again maintain an independent and healthy lifestyle in your own home.

Our highly trained caregivers at TOTAL CARE PLUS will complete a thorough home safety evaluation for each room of your home, and provide a complete checklist on how to remove hazards and improve safety throughout your entire home. Our caregivers are trained to safeguard your home to prevent the risks of falling. For example, we will make recommendations to remove items to prevent tripping, and we will provide assistance getting in and out of chairs, or transferring in and out of bed. Our caregivers are very cautious about protecting our patients. We will thoroughly review our patient’s medications and medical history, as well as their gait and walking balance.

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