Medication Compliance


Today, for obvious reasons, seniors take more medications than all other age groups combined. Unfortunately though, seniors have the most risk to their health if they do not take their medications properly. That is where the professional caregivers from TOTAL CARE PLUS will help. Our highly experienced caregivers are trained to work with seniors of all ages to guarantee that their medications are taken on time, exactly as ordered by their physicians.

Older adults and seniors have the greatest risk for medication non-compliance for several reasons. Many times, seniors have vision problems and are simply unable to read their prescription labels. Other times, they cannot hear their physician’s instructions, or do not understand why they are taking a medication. Many seniors have memory loss which causes them to forget to take their medication as prescribed. When seniors have multiple medications to take, they often get confused or overwhelmed with managing the times of their doses, and the dosage amounts. Many seniors have difficulty swallowing pills. Some of them simply cannot open their medication bottles. And finally, many seniors have serious medical conditions which cause them to simply lose the motivation to take their medications as prescribed.

However, whether it is inadvertent or deliberate, there are many dangerous ways for medication non-compliance to occur with older adults and seniors. Below are seven of the most common reasons for medication non-compliance:

  • Taking a dose of a medication at the wrong time (too early or too late)
  • Taking more (or less) of a medication than prescribed
  • Failing to fill (or refill) a prescription as directed
  • Stopping a medication too early
  • Taking expired medications
  • Taking medications prescribed for others
  • Mixing conflicting medications with prohibited foods or liquids

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