Geriatric Care


As growing old begins to make life much more challenging, TOTAL CARE PLUS will help by providing Geriatric Care Management services that safeguard the health, comfort, and security of you or a loved one. With our highly experienced professional caregivers, you can always trust that you or your loved one will be cared for by compassionate caregivers who are experts at what they do! As you already know, our mission is to provide the best level of care possible, and to guarantee that you or your loved one enjoys the greatest quality of life imaginable. TOTAL CARE PLUS Geriatric Care services are especially helpful for families who live long distances away and cannot be there to care for the daily needs of an aging family member or loved one. Our professional caregiver services are customized to meet your needs, and we promise to give you complete peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is always happy and safe.

When you hire TOTAL CARE PLUS as your Geriatric Care provider, you will receive the following services:

  • A Professional TCP Nurse Evaluation:
    • One of our Professional TCP Nurses will complete a comprehensive in-home evaluation of you or your loved one’s physical condition, social state, as well as identify any concerns and set objectives for independent living.
    • Using the information gathered from this evaluation, a team of TCP Nurses will develop a highly personalized plan of care that will be followed by each of the patient’s caregivers at their individual work shifts. Then we use the information obtained in the evaluation regarding personality and personal interests, including likes and dislikes, to carefully match our caregivers exactly to our patients.
  • Management of Care and Recommendations:
    • TOTAL CARE PLUS assists families living a long distance from a loved one by closely supervising that love one’s care and informing families of problems and changes in their loved one’s requirements.
    • At TOTAL CARE PLUS we keep the lines of communication open by providing regular updates on your loved ones. And, we are always available to answer any of your questions, as well as to discuss any concerns that you may have.
    • TOTAL CARE PLUS provides clients and families with counseling on senior care issues. We also will review medical, financial, or legal issues and offer referrals to physicians and attorneys who specialize in those senior care issues.
    • TOTAL CARE PLUS will assist with the purchase and delivery of any required durable medical equipment that our patients may need.

If growing old is becoming more and more challenging for yourself or a loved one, please give TOTAL CARE PLUS a call today! EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE! CALL NOW 810-990-8950