Physical Therapy

TOTAL CARE PLUS offers compassionate, licensed Physical Therapists who provide treatment as well as evaluations for our patients with many muscular, neurological, or bone disorders that limit a person’s ability to walk. A number of our PT patients are recovering from surgery for hip or knee replacement. Physical Therapists from the TOTAL CARE PLUS highly experienced PT staff will perform a complete evaluation including the testing of complete range of motion, muscle strength, weight transfer, balance, coordination, and functional mobility. Fall risk and home safety are also assessed. Following the complete assessment, your TCP Physical Therapist will create a highly personalized treatment plan in coordination with your physician. Finally, goals will be set with each PT patient to help them achieve the highest level of walking ability and mobility safety at home.

Our TOTAL CARE PLUS Physical Therapists use an assortment of treatment and evaluation techniques, including:


  • Pain reduction training techniques
  • Walking and transfer training techniques
  • Recommendations for home safety modifications
  • Recommendations for assistive devices and equipment to improve patient safety, independence, and mobility
  • Exercise programs for muscle strength and endurance, as well as balance and coordination
  • Caregiver and family training to reinforce and enhance each of the above treatment techniques

Please note that TOTAL CARE PLUS Physical Therapists work with all Medical Supply Companies to be certain that each patient has all the necessary equipment to improve their personal safety and increase their independence. If you or a loved one requires Physical Therapy treatment at home, wherever that may be, TOTAL CARE PLUS is ready and waiting to help you! EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE! CALL NOW 810-990-8950.